50 additions, now 98 immunization centers in Kolkata, Health News, ET HealthWorld

Kolkata: On Thursday, the State Department of Health added 50 Covid Vaccination Centers (CVCs) throughout Kolkata to promote vaccination against older people and comorbidities over the age of 45. Currently, there are about 98 centers in the city, but according to a health bureau official, it was not possible to increase the number of vaccination sites due to a technical defect in Co-Win.

“We have the capacity to create 5,000 vaccination sites throughout the state, but due to technical issues with Co-Win, we cannot add as many sites as we need,” said a Swasthya Bhavan official. .. Of the new additions, 60 were KMC’s urban primary health centers, which inoculated 3,500 older people. Most are registered on the spot. “Anyone over the age of 60 can visit the center of our city with an ID and proof of age. They are registered and vaccinated on the spot. 45 years old with comorbidities These citizens can also go to the facility, but they must present a certificate of comorbidities, “said Firhad Hakim, chairman of the governing board.

The majority of centers in the city, especially those attached to hospitals, exceeded their vaccination goals on Thursday. As the team gains more experience and the elderly are eager to compete with Covid-19, health officials say the state now easily vaccinates nearly 20,000 rupees a day for recipients. Said that it can be done.

Health officials pointed out that Kolkata could have started with nearly 100 vaccination centers, but the technical team could do little because of portal issues. The Swasthya Bhavan technical team will create a vaccination site via the Co-Win portal. Upon completion, your login ID and password will be issued to the Vaccination Center. “Our team is working every day until midnight to create more vaccination sites. But portal glitches are becoming a challenge. If the system runs smoothly, by next week We plan to increase the number of CVCs to 5,000, “said Ajay Chakraborty, Director of Health Services. The state planned to create 2,500 vaccination sites on Wednesday, but only 752 did.

Hospitals like AMRI Salt Lake could only access the portal on Thursday, even though they were supposed to start driving on Monday. “We were able to get local vaccinations from the Salt Lake Unit on Thursday. Soon we will be able to vaccinate about 900 people a day from three centers. Group CEO of AMRI Hospitals One Lupac Balua said:

50 additions, now 98 immunization centers in Kolkata, Health News, ET HealthWorld

Source link 50 additions, now 98 immunization centers in Kolkata, Health News, ET HealthWorld

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