5 Workplace Yoga Asanas to Help Relieve Stress

It is believed that doing yoga early in the morning will keep you charged all day long. Often, on a busy schedule, you can’t afford to spend time practicing yoga. But what if you could perform these exercises at your office desk? We offer a 10-minute yoga asana that prevents back pain, neck pain, joint problems, and muscle stiffness even after working long hours.

Siddhasana or Achieved Pose:

Sit cross-legged and close your eyes. Your hands are on your lap and you should meditate now. Achieved poses of Siddha Sana or Yoga are ideal positions for meditation. It is also excellent for increasing the flexibility of the muscles inside the lower back and thighs.

Seated crescent pose:

Sit in a desk chair, inhale your chest and stand upright, with your arms facing up and parallel to each other, or your palms together. Bend the pose deeply each time you exhale. Don’t forget to push the coccyx towards the floor. If possible, rotate your head as well. While inhaling, put it back and look up, and while exhaling, bend it down. It increases the flexibility of your shoulders and neck.

Seated backbend pose:

Place your feet on the floor and sit in an office chair without bending your spine straight. Bend forward and extend your arms behind you. Then grab the back of the chair and keep your elbows straight. Watch your shoulders relax and pose as you pull back and inhale. This exercise not only strengthens the shoulders, but also improves breathing, relaxes the vertebrae, relieves back pain and improves posture.

Seated pose in Figure 4:

Sit on the edge of the chair with a neutral back and rotate your shoulders both clockwise and counterclockwise to warm up. Then place your left foot firmly on the floor, lift your right foot and bend it with your knees, place your right ankle on your left thigh, and cross your right foot. Breathe deeply and open your belly. Then repeat the same movement on the other leg. Avoid using cushioning and chairs with wheels. In particular, it targets the gluteus medius, a muscle that aids hip movement and mobility. Further improves back pain.

Prasarita Padottanasana or Wide Leg Forward Bend:

Keep a parallel distance of about 3-4 feet between your feet. Place your hands on your hips. With your legs and spine stretched out, inhale and lift your chest high throughout your torso. Slowly fold your legs. Place your hands flat on the floor and start stretching your torso forward. Keep them apart by shoulder width. Fold it deep with your head facing the floor. It calms the brain, relieves fatigue, regulates blood circulation and abdominal organs.

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5 Workplace Yoga Asanas to Help Relieve Stress

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