5 Tips to Keep Your Car During the Blockade 2021

You and your car have been at home for a long time, as the blockade could be widened by the COVID-19 surge. Here’s how to stay in top shape at all times:

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The blockade doesn’t go away quickly, which is why your car needs special attention

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the healthcare system in the midst of an unprecedented number of new cases, causing havoc across India. While the country is once again in blockade mode in various cities and states, the right thing everyone should do is not only keep themselves and your loved ones safe, but also break the chain of infections and flatten them. Is to do. Rising curve of new infections. However, being indoors also means leaving your car parked outdoors, and it’s unlikely that you’ll be traveling for the next few days. In that case, it is important to keep it in the best possible condition to avoid trouble later. Therefore, place the face mask on your nose and follow these tips to keep your car in the blockade.

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Do not apply the handbrake if you plan to park for an extended period of time

1. Avoid handbrake

If you drive and park your car on a regular basis, you will need to apply the handbrake, but if you park in the same location for an extended period of time, the handbrake may become clogged. To avoid the same, it is advisable to put the car in gear instead of applying the handbrake. The manufacturer suggests leaving the reverse gear when parking downhill or putting it in the first gear when parking uphill. Wheel chocks (or just large rocks) should also be placed in case the gear shift lever pops out.

Car cover in the rain

Use a car cover to avoid damaging the paint in the scorching summer heat

2. Use the car cover

Modern apartments have underground or high-rise parking. However, if you live in a crowded city like Mumbai or Delhi, you may park in an open area or on the road. Still, you can always use the cover to protect your car. This is especially important in the summer when the scorching heat can damage the paint on the car. Ideally, try to provide shade or choose a space that is protected by direct sunlight. Look for car covers online. Get great deals and don’t even have to go out.


Start your car at least once a week to avoid draining the battery completely. Photo courtesy of Ava Motive

3. Save battery

If you do not use it for a long time, there is a risk of draining the car battery. To prevent this, it is advisable to start the car at least once a week. As long as you follow all the safety protocols you need, you can keep it running for about 10-15 minutes or go around a little around your apartment or block. This also helps prevent baldness on the tires. Believe us, I hate finding and running around jump starters when you really need to go out for a drive.

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Use rodent repellent spray or rat venom cake to avoid major damage to the car

4. Prevent the spread of rodents

Parking your car for a long time can attract rodents trying to build a house in your car. You will find them chewing the wire and eating plastic, leaving you an unnecessary repair fee. You can order a rodent spray online and spray it on the hood, wheelwells, under boots, and other areas that are often infested. You can also store a rat poison cake around the affected area. Some people suffered from this during the initial blockade, so it’s a good idea to prepare in advance this time.


Check that all electrical equipment is in operation and that the cabin is free of unpleasant odors

5. Continue regular checks

There is no date when this pandemic will end. This means you are less likely to drive a car over the next few weeks. During this time, please continue to check regularly. This includes starting the car on a regular basis, checking that all electrical equipment is functioning properly, checking for bulging tires, and checking for offensive odors and noise in the car. It will be.

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Remember to wear a face mask and gloves whenever you go out to inspect your car. Ideally, choose a time when you are unlikely to interact with people. You should also use this period to read the owner’s manual, which has been stored in the glove box for many years. You may just learn new things about your car. These are difficult times and with a little effort and help we can sail.

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5 Tips to Keep Your Car During the Blockade 2021

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