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Aligarh: Twenty-eight students from Aligarh Muslim University from various faculties have been selected for the prestigious SirSyed Global Scholar Award (SSGSA) in academic session 2021-22 awarded by SirSyed, a US-based non-profit organization. It was. North American Education Association (SSESNA).

Selected SSGSA scholars are Aafiya (Physics), Ayush Agrawal (Mechanical Engineering), Sehrish Akhtar (Physics), Danish Alam (Physics), Ayesha Nasir Alavi (Law), Mohammad Anas (Computer Engineering), Bushra My name is Ansari (Biochemistry) and Mohd. Mushfique Javed Ansari (Architecture), Samina Irshad Ansari (Psychology), Heena Aslam (Electrical Engineering), Mohd Abdul Baseer (Physical Engineering), Mohammad Fahad (Electrical Engineering), Aqib Faraz (Commercial), Ifrah Farid (Biochemistry), Harshul Gupta Physics), Arsalan Hameed (Computer Engineering), Saman Jafri (Biotechnology), Faisal Jamal (Biochemistry), Farah Javed (Medical), Shahrukh Khan (Electrical Engineering), Tayyibah Khanam (Electrical Engineering), Yusra Meraj ( Electronic Engineering), Madiha Noman (English), Kunwar Muhammed Saaim (Computer Engineering), Saba Sarwar (Computer Science), Md Showgat Jahan Shourave (Economics), Mohd Talha (Physics), Amber Tanweer (Law).

Salman Bin Kashif, chair of the SSGSA program and past beneficiary of the program, said: Over the next few years, it will be helpful for students to work hard to build an overall profile through projects and internships while enthusiastically learning the basic concepts of each subject. We will continue to expand the program. “

He said he received a record number of applications from the Faculty of Arts, Commerce, Humanities, Science, Medicine, Life Sciences and Engineering Technology. He added that experts in each field evaluated the application individually and the finalists were invited to an online interview as part of a rigorous selection process.

Kasif said that the faculty members of the top universities in the United States who participated in the interview panel this year include Dr. Farhan Ahmad (Honeywell International, Inc.), Professor Abler Alam (Arkansas State University), and Professor Nawab Ali (University of Arkansas). Was included. Professor Asim Ansari (Colombia University), Dr. Ruchi Dana (Dana Corporation), Dr. Shabih Hasan (Delos), Professor Syed Hashsham (Michigan State University), Professor Shakir Husain (Youngstown State University), Dr. Afzal Hussain (Arigal Mussain University) ), Professor Asad Ullah Khan (Arigal Muslim University), Dr. Sayeed Mohammad (Fractionation Research Inc), Dr. Ahsan Munir (Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc), Professor Sultana Nahar (Ohaio State University), Professor Bushra Sabri (Johns Hopkins University), Professor Yasmin Saikia (Arizona State University) and Professor Samina Salim (Houston University).

Kashif reported that the final benefit list was created taking into account various criteria such as CGPA, projects, internships and extracurricular activities. All selected SSGSA scholars will be provided with individual mentorship, financial assistance for the required standardized tests (GRE / GMAT, TOEFL / IELTS), and university application fees for up to 5 universities. Applicants who are not on the final list can continue their academic goals with guidance and guidance from the organization.

The SSGSA core team includes current chairman Salman Bin Kashif (Clemson, South Carolina, USA), founding member Syed Ali Rizvi (Boston, Massachusetts, USA), and Dr Saif Sheikh (Chicago, Illinois, USA). ), Dr. Rehan Baqri (Boston, Massachusetts, USA), Dr Shaida Andrabi (Srinagar, Kashmir, India), Former Chairman Dr Mohsin Khan (Providence, Rhode Island, USA), Mr Ali Muzaffar (Atlanta, Georgia, USA), Dr Wasikul Islam (Geneva, Switzerland) would like to thank Professor Asad U Khan, Professor MM Sufyan Beg, and Omar Peerzada for their cooperation in SSGSA activities on campus.

The SSGSA core team also thanked the advisory board members, application reviewers, interviewers, mentors, volunteers, donors, and applicants for their continued support.

Kashif said a list of over 120 past SSGSA scholarships is available on the SSGSA website at Many SSGSA graduates graduate with master’s and doctoral degrees and are professionally assigned around the world. Some are currently volunteering in the SSGSA program.

28 AMU Students Selected for Sayyid Global Scholarship Award-Indian Education | Latest Education News | Global Education News

Source link 28 AMU Students Selected for Sayyid Global Scholarship Award-Indian Education | Latest Education News | Global Education News

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