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2021 Hyundai Bayon SUV first photo leak

2021 Hyundai Bayon

Hyundai Bayon is a subcompact SUV based on the i20 platform

Hyundai has begun to tease the next Bayon towards the end of last year. Well, once again, Hyundai shared a new teaser that captured Bayon’s front headlight setup. In addition to the teaser, the pamphlet image was also leaked, thanks to Kokespear.

For those of you who don’t know, Bayon is the new entry-level Hyundai SUV for the European market. The crossover is the spiritual successor to the previously launched previous generation i20 Active.

Bayon: New entry-level crossover

Hyundai states that Bayon has a “clean, high-tech look” and is based on Hyundai’s sensual sportiness design philosophy. In Hyundai’s European portfolio, Bayon sits under Kona and is the most affordable crossover offered.

By speculation, Bayon shares a significant amount of components with the 2020 i20. This is because both are based on the same platform. Powertrain options, dashboard design, and several other internal components are expected to be similar to those found in the new generation 2020i20.

2021 Hyundai Bayon
2021 Hyundai Bayon

New image leaked

One of our readers managed to access the photos of Bayon’s first set while Hyundai was trying to increase excitement about Bayon by making fun of only a limited number of SUV components.

Bayon looks like a jacked-up crossover based on the current generation i20 (((Basically). The design language is very similar to what you see on the i20, but the headlight setup and grille look different. The headlight setup is actually similar to what you’ll find in a new generation of Hyundai crossovers like Crete / Kona / Venue.

On the sides, Hyundai adds a roof rail and heavy body cladding to add a rugged look to Bayon, and on the back, a distinctive tail lamp is at the heart of its appeal. The aluminum wheel design looks unconventional and busy, and it’s interesting to see how customers react to it. The interior photos aren’t very clear, but the dashboard design is very similar to what you’ll see on the 2020i20.

2021 Hyundai Bayon
2021 Hyundai Bayon gets an interior inspired by India’s new generation i20

Bayon nomenclature

Hyundai has previously revealed that it was inspired by the city of Bayonne in southern France to invent Bayon Monica. In the past, Hyundai has named its products based on the name of the city, similar to Tucson, based on the US city of the same name.

There is no Bayon plan in India

As far as the launch in India is concerned, Hyundai wouldn’t even consider bringing Bayon to India. This is mainly because Hyundai already has venues and Crete, both of which are doing very well in their respective categories. The addition of Bayon will probably prey on the sale of Hyundai’s existing Indian lineup and confuse potential customers.

2021 Hyundai Bayon SUV first photo leak

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