2021 Hero XPulse 2004 Valve Review

The Hero XPulse 200 is an entry-level motorcycle like no other. Not only does it have an adventurous, versatile and versatile personality, it can also take on day-to-day tasks very well on the tarmac. And now, the Hero XPulse 200 is getting the first important update, which is more than just new colors and flashy new graphics. The most important change is the 199.6 cc single cylinder engine. It currently has a 4-valve head and provides slightly more power and torque. That’s why the name has a new suffix, Hero XPulse 200 4 Valve.

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The Hero XPulse 200 4 Valve aims to improve the already featured entry-level adventure touring bikes and add more sophisticated midrange performance.

The idea is to improve the already highly competent, ubiquitous posture of the 2-valve X Pulse 200. The shortage of the first two-valve model was the highway cruising ability and the midrange punch. The 4-valve motor promises to be more sophisticated and promises to address these areas by changing gear ratios.


LED headlights provide 20% better lighting, which is the area where the 2-valve XPulse 200 was missing.

Even the oil cooler is a bit bigger and has a 7 fin design to support better heat management. And there are other practical and aesthetic changes, including headlights that provide better floodlight. Will it be an improved riding experience? I shook my foot on the new HeroX Pulse 200 4 valve and understood what it was.

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The new HeroX Pulse 200 4 bulb retains the same dimensions, but gets new dual-tone colors and graphics. The curve weight has increased by 1kg and the seat height has increased by 2mm.


The overall dimensions and silhouette are undoubtedly the same as before, but there are some visual and visual changes that give the bike a fresh appeal. The new dual tone color with attractive body graphics looks very good.


The LCD instrument console is the same and gets turn-by-turn navigation via the HeroRideGuide app. Reading the distance to the sky adds more value.

The LCD instrument console is the same as before, providing a smartphone connection and turn-by-turn navigation via the HeroRideGuide app. However, reading the distance to the sky adds more value to the information displayed on the panel. LED headlights look the same, but the lighting is improved by 20%. This was a drawback of the 2-valve X Pulse.


The minimum ground clearance remains 220mm, and the suspension and wheels, tires and brakes are the same.

Like the Almis Kid Plate, the ground clearance is 220mm, the same as before. The suspension is the same, 190 mm at the front and 170 mm at the rear. As before, only the front wheels have a single channel anti-lock braking system (ABS), and both wheels come with dual sports block pattern tires to handle rugged terrain.


The seat height has increased by 2 mm to 825 mm, and the total vehicle weight has increased by 1 kg to 158 kg. Still a compact and lightweight motorcycle, the seat height is not too high for an average height rider.

A slight increase is the weight of the curb. This is 1kg more at 158kg for the XPulse 2004 valve. The height of the seat has also increased by 2 mm and is now 825 mm. For riders of average height and physique, the height of the seat is not worrisome, but for short riders, especially inexperienced riders, the seat may feel a bit taller.

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The 199.6 cc single cylinder, air and oil cold engine now has a 4-valve head. The power has increased by 1bhp and the peak torque is now 0.90Nm.

Engine and performance

The displacement of the 199.6 cc engine is the same, but with a 4-valve head, the output is increased by 6% and the torque is increased by 5%. The 4-valve engine will be 18.8bhp at 8,500rpm and 17.35Nm at 6,500rpm. By comparison, the 2-valve 199.6 cc engine is 17.8bhp at 8,500rpm and 16.45Nm at 6,500rpm.


In addition to the 4-valve head, the transmission has been improved and the gear has been changed with a 45-tooth rear sprocket.

The increase in power may seem minor, but with the 4-valve head and gear changes (the rear sprocket size is now 45 teeth compared to the 38 teeth on the 2-valve model), it’s mostly performance-wise. There is a clear difference. And throttle feel.

Gear ratio XPulse2 valve XPulse4 valve
First place 3.07 2.91
2nd place 1.79 1.87
3rd place 1.5 1.5 1.8 1.8
4th 1.1 1.1 1.04
5th place 0.95 0.88
Final reduction 2.92 (38/13) 3.46 (45/13)

Higher gear ratios (lower numbers) give better torque and acceleration, lower ratios allow for higher top speeds and better fuel economies. The modified 4-valve X Pulse 200 gearing provides more vibrant midrange acceleration, while the larger rear sprocket sacrifices top-end performance. As a result, the maximum speeds of the 2-valve version and the 4-valve version are about the same.


The 4-valve engine feels more sophisticated with a faster throat and faster acceleration. The gear changes have made the midrange performance even more fulfilling.

The XPulse 200 4 valve is thirsty right from the start. Not only does the 4-valve head offer slightly better sophistication than the 2-valve engine, but the gear changes actually make the XPulse 4-valve more energetic and slightly more enthusiastic. Acceleration in gear certainly feels faster than before, but it’s the thicker midrange torque that has changed for the better. The throttle is crispy, the overall acceleration and revs feel higher on the 4-valve engine, and there is clearly thirsty intake howling than on the 2-valve engine.


The Hero XPulse 200 4 Valve spends a lot of time on the tarmac for daily commuting, but occasionally also acts as a highway companion. Our test bike showed a top speed of 123 km / h.

However, it is also a highway that is sometimes required to fulfill certain obligations for the XPulse 200 4 valve to occupy a long distance. After all, two-wheeled adventures can require a great deal of riding to reach “interesting” terrain, roads, or trails. One of the areas where the two-valve engine has fallen is not only in the midrange power, but also in the top-end performance. Yes, it can reach 120 km / h, but if you sit at 85-90 km / h for long periods of time, you won’t exceed that.


A slight improvement in top-end performance makes it easier to overtake on the highway and makes long-term cruising easier.

In that area, 4-valve engines feel a bit faster to reach 80-90 km / h, but sadly, top-end performance doesn’t seem like a big advantage. It’s not about chasing top speeds, it’s about manageability and highway response. A better top-end response (and performance) would certainly make overtaking on the highway feel easier. And at the end of a hard day of riding, the rider would have had a more enjoyable day in the saddle and probably a little less tired.

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The Hero XPulse 200 4 Valve is a lightweight and compact motorcycle of quality suitable for off-road riding, so new riders are not afraid to take part in adventure riding.

Ride & handling

The XPulse 200 4 valve is still a lightweight and compact motorcycle with no ergonomic changes, so the riding position feels much the same as before. The slight increase in seat height is barely noticeable, and in fact tall riders welcome the slightly taller perch on the XPulse 2004 valve. The riding position provides a stunning view of the road ahead, and the wide handlebars provide excellent leverage both during traffic and when sitting at highway speeds.


When the road is over and the fun begins, forget about the lack of best performance and forgive! The Hero XPulse 200 4 Valve offers an excellent package for an entry-level adventure bike within your budget.

Suspension absorbs all kinds of bumps, speed breakers and broken roads on a whim. And when the road is over and the fun begins, forget about the lack of best performance and forgive! The dual sports rubber provides excellent traction and the front end maintains sufficient traction to control things even on loose terrain. The thicker midrange of the 4-valve engine allows you to kick the tail more easily if it’s the kind of Shenanigan you want to spoil while playing on the dirt.


The Hero XPulse 200 4 valve provides ample suspension travel and ground clearance for a fun outing in the soil. For those who are looking for more, there is always an optional rally kit. It can be installed to provide better tires, higher seat height, and more suspension travel.

Suspension travel and ground clearance are more than enough to jump over small trail elevations and overcome all sorts of off-road obstacles. The handling is neutral and reliable, and the XPulse 200 offers a friendly, fun and comfortable package. With a gearing change (45/13), the 4-valve X Pulse 200 offers a slightly punchy midrange compared to the 2-valve version 38/13. Performance isn’t that important, but it’s definitely noticeable and well worth it.


With a curve weight of 158 kg, the HeroX Pulse 200 4 valve offers a lightweight and compact package, ideal for beginners to start off-road riding.


The new HeroX Pulse 200 4 valve is a bit more expensive due to changes. In fact, it’s the most expensive motorcycle from Hero MotoCorp. The two-valve version is still on sale as the showroom is only £ 5,000 cheaper, but could be replaced by a four-valve model in the near future.


Priced at £ 1,28,150 (former showroom), the Hero XPulse 200 4 valve offers a great option for experienced riders as well. Enjoy the weekend on your second or third bike, or ride a dirt trail outside the city.

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Priced at £ 1,28,150 (former showroom), the Hero X Pulse 2004 Valve is still a very good entry-level adventure bike. This is the perfect package to get started with off-road riding. It’s also perfect as a second or third bike for weekend off-road fun. With a little more top-end performance, making the Hero X Pulse 200 a truly extraordinarily versatile bike would have made all the difference.

specification Hero XPulse 2002 valve Hero XPulse 2004 valve
Engine displacement 199.6 cc 199.6 cc
Maximum power 17.8 bhp @ 8,500 rpm 18.8 bhp @ 8,500 rpm
Peak torque 16.45 Nm @ 6,500 rpm 17.35 Nm @ 6,500 rpm
Valve per cylinder 2 Four
Vehicle weight 157 kg 158 kg
Seat height 823 mm 825 mm

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2021 Hero XPulse 2004 Valve Review

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