2021 BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo Review |

New Delhi: Meet the middle-aged model change of the 4th generation BMW 6 Series. This BMW Gran Turismo is a distant rival of the E-Class, which turned out to be Mercedes’ bestseller.
GT was devised with a slightly different idea. The Gran Turismo or Grand Tourer is intended to be a competent and comfortable milemanting machine-the outlook is still bleak in our road conditions. In addition, once a well-selling proposal in the global market, BMW is gradually replacing the 6 Series with a comprehensive demand for SUVs.

Gasoline variations start at less than 66 rupees and diesel starts at less than 69 rupees (in front of the showroom). BMW India aims to attract future buyers of the 5 Series, which has a unique taste and does not want to expand to the luxurious 7 Series.
The 2021 Facelift brings many new colors to choose from. The design clues are almost the same as before the renovation.
A trapezoidal exhaust tip is standard equipment, with the only noticeable change at the rear. Look for attention to detail. Frameless doors and active spoilers illuminate the shimmering profile attractively. In advance, the bumper is reprofiled to accommodate the widened grille. Also, customers do not need to add the LED laser lights that are currently part of their equipment.

The 6 GT has two diesel engine and one gasoline engine options. The only readjustment is to supply the diesel with a twin scroll turbocharger, but it does not affect the output numbers. The 630i M Sport we drove delivers fast, engaging and exciting driving, with a two-axis air suspension that balances the drive. The 8-speed automatic gearbox supplied by ZF acts as a transmission.

The cabin is luxurious and well-defined, with reclining equipment in the back seats. In the truest sense, 6GT spoils your gentleman. A dedicated tablet for the backseat keeps you hooked and views from the huge panoramic sunroof.

The revised version of the facelift model is in the form of a large 12.3-inch touchscreen above the flash dashboard. Don’t worry, BMW has finally introduced compatibility with Android Auto into infotainment. As expected, the 6 GT continues to captivate the drive with its 4-zone temperature control, 360 degree camera and wireless charging. The only other notable change is the form of a reversal assistant feature that releases the driver to reverse the job up to 50 meters.

2021 BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo Review |

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