12 General Refrigerator Repairing Troubles: Enough to Befuddle you

A refrigerator is one of the most used home-based appliances around you. When it comes to any issue with the refrigerator, then it’s wise to take help from experts. Because a fridge is a complex combination of electrical and plumbing resources, applying DIY hacks might make it more vulnerable.

However, some of the refrigerator issues can be handled with smart initiatives. You can cope up with the issues if you follow the advice from refrigerator repair professionals. On the other hand, you can’t delay fixing the refrigerator. Your refrigerator is the storehouse of fresh foods and beverages. That’s why understanding the refrigerator issues and their reasons would help you to know when to call in an expert or try useful tricks. So that your food doesn’t get rotten.

Here are a few of the most occurring refrigerator repair problems that might have annoyed you at least once in a lifetime.

1.  Refrigerator Keeps the Cycling on Forever

The main task of your refrigerator is to keep the temperature favorable for the stored stuff inside the appliance. In order to maintain the temperature, the appliance has to run several cycles. You might hear your refrigerator cycling after a specific time span. However, constant cycling can be an issue, confirms a Refrigerator Repair Services expert. The consistency of running cycles inside a fridge can be noisy enough.

Additionally, if the cycle runs for a long time, then it can result in a sudden surge in the electricity bill. Well, we presume that it’s quite unacceptable for any homeowner. Usually, the refrigerator coils might have accumulated enough dust build-up. Consequently, the appliance has to run more cycles in order to maintain the low temperature.

Therefore, examine the condenser coils of the appliance. Don’t forget to turn off the fridge before you touch the coils. Moreover, go through the user manuals to learn more about the cleaning process. After you complete the procedure, plug in the power cord and check if the issue is resolved. In case it doesn’t, then check the temperature setting, according to the expert associated with Refrigerator Repair Services. Try adjusting the temperature setting and observe if it helps.

2.  Refrigerator Stops Cooling

Here comes one of the most disturbing refrigerator issues, consumers have complained that refrigerators don’t cool at all. And, experts have dug out almost a dozen reasons for this particular issue. First, the condenser coils can simply trigger the circumstance by allowing dirt build-up. However, condenser coils are one of the most ignored spaces of a refrigerator. Try to clean up the condenser coils to address the problem.

However, if the condenser fan motor or evaporator fan motor doesn’t work then you can face the same problem. The condenser fan motor draws air from the condenser coils. On the other hand, a faulty evaporator fan motor can’t circulate cold air across the refrigerator. In addition to this, the compressor might not start if the start relay gets damaged. The same is also true for a start capacitor.

Well, the above conditions might require expert intervention for repair and replacement services. The temperature control thermostat might fail to start up the required processes. If it stops working, then all the associated spare parts won’t get the voltage to start up. Replacing the thermostat might get your refrigerator back to life.

3.  Appliance Leaking Water

Every refrigerator consists of a particular drainage path through which the condensed air and water flow out. And, the drainage paths are designed to prevent leaks. However, chances might worsen where you might observe leaking water from the appliance. Blockages in the drain of the fridge might indulge in the leakage in case the dirt accumulates and hardens up due to the low temperature inside the refrigerator.

Leaking issues of refrigerators are comparatively easier to deal with. Most of the leaks can be mended by simple DIY tricks. For example, you can just unplug the power cord of the refrigerator, let it rest overnight. Next morning, you can plug in the power cord and turn on the appliance. Check if you witness the same leakage problem with your refrigerator.

Well, you can use hot water as a catalyst for this natural method. Locate the drain of the refrigerator after turning it off. Take hot water in a syringe and push the water into the drain. Next, you can wait for a while and switch on the appliance. Additionally, if the water supply line becomes clogged or frozen, then it can lead to your fridge leaking water. Ensure that you close the shut-off valve, any damage to supply lines should be repaired, as well.

4.  Freezer doesn’t Make Ice

Let us guess: you had kept your perishable food items in the freezer and found those foods rotten by morning. We can understand your disappointment and rage over the freezer. The freezer can lose its extremely frosty behaviour with time. However, you can easily overcome the issue. The first check that you have to do is to check the rear wall of the freezer.

In case the wall is cold enough, examine if you can sense the air flowing from the freezer vents. Additionally, notice if the evaporator fan keeps running. Otherwise, the problem might address the issue with the evaporator fan. If the fan keeps running, then the compressor might have a build-up of dust. Turn off the refrigerator and use the instruction manual to reach the compressor.

Check the guidelines on how you can clean the dust over there. The dust accumulated on the compressor might force the compressor to go through unfavourable situations. Moreover, clean the condenser coils, and check if the freezer starts its usual cooling cycle.

5.  Ice Build-up inside Freezer

This instance is contrary to the previous refrigerator repair issue. The fridge might enter a mini ice-age situation, and you will experience everything freezing up. Especially, the freezer would get a thick build-up of ice layers. Well, the open door of the freezer or the refrigerator can experience the same issue.

For example, if you keep the door open for a long time or the door is broken then the freezer might be frosty. If the compartment remains exposed, the humidity level increases inside the appliance. So, check if the door has got any leaks, through which the air or humidity can pass through. In case you find any seam or crack, then you should call in an expert for repair.

In addition to this, examine the defroster sensor. A damaged sensor might be restricting the refrigerator from defrosting. The door seal might have holes if you haven’t yet found any suspect. Moreover, don’t forget to check the temperature settings if nothing else seems problematic to you.

6.  Water Dispenser not Working

The latest refrigerators come with in-built water dispensers. The advantage of this water dispenser is that you can get cold water without opening your fridge. However, users have reported that water dispensers keep failing every now and then. However, the reasons might be minor, and you can easily resolve the problem. The water inside the water tub might have frozen, it usually clogs the path of the water from dispensing.

If you observe that the water is frozen inside the water tub, you can perform this cool hack. Simply detach the tub from the water dispenser. Let the frozen water or ice be warm enough to drain away. Now, you can place the tub right where it should be.

Meanwhile, inspect if the water inlet valve is doing good. A broken valve won’t be able to supply you with fresh and chilled water whenever necessary. Replace the valve if it’s out of order. In addition to this, the water pressure might not be sufficient enough to permit water to flow through the dispenser.

7.  Fridge Resulting in Frozen Food

It’s the duty of the freezer to maintain the lowest temperature. The freezer might keep the food frozen if you set the temperature in such a manner. However, the main compartment of the refrigerator is not expected to make foods frozen. In case you inspect that the foods turn frozen even in the main compartment, then there’s something wrong with the appliance.

The primary suspect of this issue might be the temperature control thermostat. The thermostat senses everything and then lets the voltage flow to the evaporator fan motor and compressor. You can clearly interpret the consequences if the thermostat is broken. And, the cooling cycle would last longer. As a result, the fridge would end up freezing everything inside.

Set the thermostat from the lowest to the highest temperature. Carefully follow if you can hear a click sound while switching. If yes, then the thermostat is probably fine. Otherwise, make use of a multimeter to detect if the thermostat is working. Then, renew the thermostat in case it is needed.

8.  Refrigerator Light Doomed

We all have noticed the light inside the refrigerator. The prime duty of the light is to help you see what’s inside the fridge. Unfortunately, the light bulb is prone to damages like any other electrical components. In case you encounter that the light bulb is not working, then simply replace the light bulb.

However, if the new light bulb doesn’t solve the problem, then there’s something wrong with the socket. And, working on the light bulb socket can be quite tricky. It would be better if you take help from Refrigerator Repair Services to get the electrical problem fixed.

9.  Fridge Door not Shutting Appropriately

If you have been using the refrigerator for years, then this issue is quite normal. Usually, the trouble with the refrigerator door appears when the strip on the door wears off and becomes thin. Well, you can get rid of the issue by renewing the door strip. You have to keep looking for the refrigerator model. However, you might take help from the end-user manual to learn more about the freezer model.

Once you have got the right door gasket, start with peeling the existing strip off the fridge. Be careful while doing so. Many models come with attached strips held in position with the help of screws; therefore, get a screwdriver. Now, check if you need to unscrew the gasket to remove it.

On the other hand, you have to soften the brand-new gasket before installation. Pour hot water into a tub and put the new gasket in it for a while. Now, the gasket is ready for installation. While installing, make sure that you should not leave anything loose between the gasket and the door; otherwise, the door won’t stick to the appliance. Consequently, the fridge would indulge in gathering humidity with the environment. And, it would simply let the fridge enter a never-ending cycle. As a result, you can experience only a huge hike in electricity consumption.

10. Fridge not Working after Transportation

Have you just moved into another house with all your belongings and the refrigerator, too? Since then, the refrigerator has been refusing to work, right? Well, the issue might be temporary, and if you give your refrigerator some time, then it might be mitigated.

While transporting the refrigerator from one place to another, the refrigerator might have been laid down. Laying it down would affect the mechanism of the refrigerator. The lubricant might have flowed down from the compressor to the cooling pipes. If you try turning on the appliance right after it has been transported, then you might damage the compressor.

No wonder, why the refrigerator refuses to turn on immediately after transportation. So, if you have moved in recently, don’t switch on the refrigerator as soon as it reaches you. Set up the refrigerator and allow it to rest for a few hours so that the lubricant can settle.

11. Noises from the Appliance

The refrigerator generally operates at a sound that’s within the limit. The sound from the refrigerator and its cycles should not interrupt your life by causing noise pollution. But, if the case is otherwise, a rattling refrigerator might have got the fans damaged inside.

More or less, every refrigerator comes with two fans – condenser and evaporator fans are significant for cooling mechanisms. The responsibility of the evaporator fan is to draw air to the evaporator coils while the compressor is running. In addition to this, the condenser fan cools down the condenser coils. Both these fans operate at the same time. So, you might notice a buzz from the refrigerator, and you might assume that there’s something problematic with one of these fans. But, before you conclude, you should check if the motors of the fans are fine.

12.  Unexpected Energy Usage

Refrigerators are home appliances that consume most of the energy, and people tend to purchase refrigerators with high star ratings. A star rating on the electrical appliance implies that it is energy-saving. If your refrigerator comes with a high-star rating, and it’s still consuming more and more power, it might have got issues. You can ask for expert intervention if you can’t find anything suspicious. Otherwise, a replacement will be a good option if it’s been years since you bought the appliance.


Refrigerator repairs are cost-effective when the appliance is under warranty. However, issues can arise at any point in time, and they are inevitable. Yet, some issues can be resolved very easily if you have the knowledge to fight against them, and for others, it would always be better to call in an expert. Further, from time-to-time repair and maintenance would lengthen the longevity of your refrigerator.

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