100 Chlorecovid-19 Vaccination: 100 Chlore Vaccination Mark

When India achieved the milestone of vaccination of more than 10 billion rupees on October 21, Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated India, doctors, nurses, and everything he did to achieve this feat. Thanks to the people in the tweet.

The PM called this development “a victory for Indian science, business and collective spirit of Rs 13 billion Indians”.

India has surpassed the billion COVID-19 vaccination milestone today, including the first and second vaccinations. The Federal Ministry of Health has notified that the vaccine dose of over Rs 10.35 billion provided to the state / UT, the balance of over Rs 1.085 billion, and the unused vaccine dose are still available in the state / UT. ..

“Congratulations to India for passing the Rs 10 billion vaccination. Thank you to our doctors, nurses and all those who have worked to achieve this feat,” the Prime Minister said in a tweet.

India’s COVID-19 vaccination drive, launched on January 16, 2021, is the second largest country in the world after China to match this huge number.

Dr. Poonam Khetrapal Singh, Director of the WHO Southeast Asia Region, said: Leadership, inter-departmental convergence, health and the entire workforce at the forefront, and the devoted efforts of the people themselves. India’s progress must be seen in the context of India’s commendable commitment and efforts to ensure that these life-saving vaccines are globally available. “

Following this, the government planned a large celebration nationwide to mark the milestone. As Union Health Minister, Manshuk Mandaviya will screen singer Kailash Kher’s song and audiovisual film at Red Fort. The announcement will be made on planes, ships, subways and train stations when India achieves its goal of controlling a dose of 100 chlores. Celebration is also held at the central hospital in the city.

The national vaccination drive began in India on January 6, with healthcare workers (HCWs) and front-line workers vaccinated in the first phase. The next phase of COVID-19 vaccination began on March 1st for people over the age of 60 and people over the age of 45 with certain comorbidities. The country began vaccination of all people over the age of 45 from April 1st. The government then decided to increase the impetus for vaccination by allowing vaccinations to all persons over the age of 18 from May 1.

100 Chlorecovid-19 Vaccination: 100 Chlore Vaccination Mark

Source link 100 Chlorecovid-19 Vaccination: 100 Chlore Vaccination Mark

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