10 major revelations from Nina Gupta’s autobiography “Sack Kahun Toh”

Nina Gupta made many shocking revelations in her autobiography, Sack Kahun To: Meri Atmakata. The veteran actress talked about her personal life, the birth of her daughter, the chub mackerel, and also about professional issues such as pillow sales and the politics of the film industry.

The candid confession of the graceful actress grabbed the headline. See some of the major revelations from Nina’s autobiography:

About her pillow sales experience:

The actress wrote about a case in which a “big guy” producer in the South Indian film industry asked her to “spend the night.” An excerpt from her book says, “One day a friend told me to go see a big producer in the south … When I arrived at the hotel, I called the producer from the lobby phone.” Yes, yes, I’m you I’ve been expecting it, “he said. “Come upstairs.”

“So what’s my role?” I finally asked him when he stopped to hold his breath. “Friends of the heroine,” he said. When he explained it to me, it looked like a very small piece. “Okay … I have to go now, Sir,” I said, “my friend is waiting for me.” … “Would you like to go? Where? He asked. He seemed really shocked. Would you like to spend the night here?” Suddenly it felt like someone poured a bucket of ice water on my head. I did. Kuhn Souk Gaya (my blood froze). “

When Satish Kumar offers to marry her

Nina became pregnant from legitimacy in the 1980s when she had a relationship with former West Indies cricketer Vivian Richards. Veteran actor and filmmaker Satish Kumar offered to marry her. According to a film companion report, he said: “Don’t worry. If the child was born with dark skin, it’s mine and we’ll get married. No one doubts things.”

When her friend wanted her to marry a gay banker

Many of Nina’s friends offered to marry her after her pregnancy. In the book, she revealed that her friend tried to marry a gay banker. “I didn’t think it was right to get married just to avoid controversy, so I laughed at them. I knew I had to answer a very difficult question. He said he was a public figure. That meant that our lives, my lives, and the lives of my children were always under speculation, but when we got to that bridge, we told ourselves that we would cross it. Until then, I was hiding behind clothes that were as loose as possible. ”

When there was no money for Caesarean delivery at the time of the birth of the chub mackerel

Nina’s daughter, fashion designer Masabagupta, is a sought-after force, but a veteran actress said she didn’t have enough money to give birth by caesarean section. An excerpt from her book is written as follows: “As the deadline approached, I started to worry because I had very little money in my account. I could afford a natural childbirth because it cost only £ 2000. But if a Caesarean section is needed, the cost of surgery is about. I knew there would be a problem because it was £ 10,000. Fortunately, a tax refund of £ 9000 was made a few days before delivery and eventually £ 12,000 was credited to my bank account. . “

Wedding that was just canceled

Nina also writes about being lonely in her “prime year.” But she was mostly open about marriage relationships. “When he called and said,’I don’t want to marry you,’ I went to Delhi to make clothes. So far, I don’t know why, but what? Can you go ahead. I wanted to marry him. I had a lot of respect for his father and mother. I lived in their house. He reads I’m going, he’s alive, he’s married happily. He has children, “she wrote.

At the first wedding with Amran Kusum Goose

Nina is currently married to certified accountant Vivek Mela, but her first short marriage was with Amrank Sumgoth, who she secretly married. She wrote that the marriage became public after a friend mistakenly told her parents. But it didn’t last long. “Amran looked at things differently. Given the times and our upbringing, I think he always thought I would eventually calm down and focus on our family. But I think I was a little too ambitious and didn’t think I was a normal housewife. I wanted more from my life and the more plays I had, the clearer my path was. ” She wrote.

When Vivian Richards didn’t talk to her for five years

Vivian Richards, a West Indies cricketer and chub mackerel father, hasn’t talked to her for five years because the trip was cancelled. She wrote in the book that she had to cancel her trip to enroll in a school in Chub mackerel. “But Vivian didn’t understand the importance of it, or it wasn’t clear enough to explain to him how difficult it would be for a child in this situation to enroll in a good school. Maybe he was just making an excuse to drop out because he thought I wasn’t serious about seeing him. This wasn’t the case at all. He called me I hung up, bored and angry and didn’t call me for five years, “she wrote.

When Subhash Ghai embarrassed her while filming Choli Ke Peeche

The actress remembered shooting a popular dance track from the 1993 movie Khal Nayak. The film was directed by Subhash Ghai and starred by Maduri Dikut and Sanjay Dutt. She writes: “They put me in the tribal Gujarat costume and sent me to the Subhash Guy for approval.’Number! Number! Number! Number!’ He shouted.” Cook Baro. “It was very embarrassing. .. In my opinion, he mentioned my Chorley and said he needed to fill it. It wasn’t personal, I knew. He was visualizing something. .. .. The rendition is bigger. I didn’t shoot that day. But the next day, I was presented to him in a different outfit. The bra was well padded and he seemed happy. “

About her mother’s attempted suicide

Nina talked about the turbulent relationship between her parents. She writes: “My dad was brave enough to marry my mother for love, but he also forced him to marry another woman from his community. He was a faithful son who couldn’t refuse. “

She added: “This betrayal from my dad shattered my mom to the point where she actually tried to end her life (and thankfully failed). I realize that it’s not normal for my dad to leave after dinner every night. The fathers didn’t go to the office after returning home for breakfast and changing clothes in the morning. According to Zoom, the fathers were “Seema Aunty.” Did not spend the night in some variations of what he called his other wife, renamed).

About requesting a job on Instagram

A few years ago, a veteran actress got a lot of attention after asking her to work on Instagram. Years later, she was offered a role at Badhaai Ho and received the praise of her critics. But after her post, Nina said she was embarrassed and afraid of what her chub mackerel said.

She writes: A friend of mine asked me if I was okay, if my life and marriage were okay, I could deal with it. What scared me was my daughter, Masabagputa, a well-known and well-known fashion designer and public figure, “she added.

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10 major revelations from Nina Gupta’s autobiography “Sack Kahun Toh”

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